Why Cosydome?

Stay warm - Spend less - Stay safe!    


ISOLATE: Combustible material is kept away from the heat of the lamp!
INSULATE: Allows maximum insulation to your ceiling space!
ENCAPSULATE: Stop the heat loss 'chimney' effect through the light fitting! And stop dust entering the room from above!
AUTOMATE: Sensitive to temperature change - auto adjusts to provide ventilation, keeping the luminaire cool.


Cosydome Dynamic Barrier

vented dome black

Cosydome Vented Barrier / Guard

The Cosydome (Dynamic-RLB) keeps your heat in your room - no more heat lost to your roof space through the 'little chimneys' we all call downlights.

Maximise your insulation value to reduce your home heating costs.

The Patented Dynamic-RLB valve manages the heat created by your downlight ensuring the lamp, fitting, wiring and building elements are kept at their lowest possible temperatures.

The Dynamic-RLB opens at temperatures above 40deg C, so your room stays warm, your light stays cool and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your ceiling is isolated from the heat generated from the lamp (up to 300deg C).

To maximise your energy savings we recommend that you replace incandescent and halogen bulbs with energy efficient alternatives


stamp Complies

Click here to download our full compliance report to AS/NZS5110



If you are installing insulation and have downlights then using Cosydome is a simple and quick way to create a warmer home - you don't have to install new lights!

If you want LED lights then just replace the existing bulb with a new LED bulb, cover with a Cosydome, and top-up the insulation for a warmer home that uses less lectricity. This will save you money and make the home more enjoyable for your tenants. No need for an electrician as it can be done by any competent person.


When installing insulation around recessed luminaires (downlights) care must always be taken to prevent making the downlight unsafe!

AS/NZS3000 Wiring Standard states that only a recessed luminiare designed to have insualtion placed on/near it should be used otherwise the use a barrier compliant to AS/NZS5110 Recessed Luminaire Barriers standard is permitted. This standard then instructs that you are not permitted to use a 'guard'! This is due to the likely presence of debris in the roof space, now or in the future, such as birds nests, dust, leaves and stored items coming into contact with the recessed luminaire and the risk of fire.

Note: AS/NZS3000 is refering to NEW recessed luminaires such as LED's - these products should be marked and will have been supplied with manufacturers instructions on how to install safely with respect to thermal insulation.

The newly published NZS4246-Installing bulk thermal insulation in residential buidings (Sept 2016) appears to ignore the more dangerous aspect to the older style downlights - some operate at over 300degC.

For compliance to this standard you must use either a 'fit for purpose' guard or a barrier complying with AS/NZS5110.

The term 'guard' is dangerously vague and contradicts the 'DESIGNED and TESTED - fit for purpose' status of Recessed Luminaire Barriers.

Our position on this is that to be 'fit for purpose', a guard would have to meet the requiremtens of the Recessed Luminaire Barrier standard and be designed for purpose.

The only exception to using a barrier is if you are installing segment insulation that is fixed in place - this makes the use of segment insualtion without a barrier dangerous as there is no protection to the hot downlight from debris. It is our opinion this is an unacceptable situation that has been created and we addressing this directly with Standards NZ, Worksafe and the Insuarnce Council of NZ. If you agree with our position or wish to comment then please do so via email to

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Typical Cosydome Dynamic Barrier Installation

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