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1) Determine that the luminaire (downlight) identified to be covered is suitable and safe to cover. If not suitable, you may need to consider relocating/replacing the existing downlight in a more suitable position.


2) Expose the existing downlight by moving all loose insulation and building elements away.


3) Place the Cosydome base over the downlight (as central as is practical) 20mm minimum gap between the luminaire and the inside wall of the dome.


4) Determine where the dome base needs to be notched to permit cable entry and/or exit, and to accommodate small fixed building elements such as ceiling battens.


5) Place adhesive to the base feet of the dome then position the dome in place.

      We suggest using a low odour - VOC type construction adhesive for most installations.


6) When installing over luminaires with auxiliary electrical devices (such as transformers) fitted, the transformer shall be positioned on the outside of the new barrier. Drill a 7mm diameter hole through the dome wall at the desired location. Insert the supplied anchor pin with the eyelet on the outside. Thread the supplied cable tie through this eyelet and tighten to secure the transformer in place.


7) With the base secured in place, now insert the Dynamic Valve in the top of the dome body.


8) Replace all insulation to the area. Add extra insulation if desire taking care not to cover the valve at the top. The rated depth is 200mm; however Cosydome Dynamic barriers are suitable for all depths of insulation but DO NOT COVER the top valve area.


CAUTION: If fitting of the barrier requires disconnection of the recessed luminaire electrical parts that are not plug and socket connections then it is likely this will involve prescribed electrical work and a licensed electrical worker/contractor may be required in accordance with the electrical safety legislation. If in doubt seek professional advice! 


If in doubt - seek professional advice!


Additional Information:


AS/NZS5110:2011 Amendment 1:2013 - Cosydome may be considered aGeneric recessed luminaire barrier, having low ingress and protruding protection when the abutted insulation is less than 200mm high. Suitable for all types of insulation but do not cover the top of the dome Rated depth is 200mm, however greater depths of insulation is permitted so long as the top of the barrier is not covered and the barrier is not required to protrude by 75mm (>75mm is the definition of protruding barrier).


This Cosydome Generic barrier is suitable for use with Nominal ø125mm recessed luminaire (downlight) with

(a)   105 W, maximum R80; incandescent and tungsten halogen lamps; or

(b)   105 W, GLS; incandescent and tungsten halogen lamps.

(c)   50 W MR16 maximum quartz halogen (dichroic); or

(d)   20 W LED; or

(e)   25 W CFL lamps.


View ourindependent test results.


Consumers are advised that the activity of retrofitting CFL lamps into traditional incandescent downlight fittings is not recommended by most lamp manufacturers. Refer to for more information, or download ourFact Sheet #01 - CFL Lamps.


LED luminaires (Downlights): whilst the luminaire standard relating to these devices permits temperatures of up to 90degC for normal operation it is acknowledged by many in the industry that temperatures over 40degC will cause degradation of the devices componentry affecting efficacy and performance life. 50,000 hours of performance life in the lab is very different to your home situation. We advise consumers to purchase quality devices and seek a warranty from the supplier. You are likely to be making a serious investment expecting great lighting for the next 20 years plus - premature failure will negate the economic decision to adopt LED devices.





A downlight showing the required gap

if the luminaire is not marked with

installation instructions (pre MAY 2012).

Depending on the luminaire type there

may be significant airflow through the

device and out of your living space.


cosydome arrows


With a Cosydome installed.

The insulation is placed closer and abutts

the dome wall. The downlight is now isolated;

when the heat from the lamp elevates

the temperature inside the dome to 40degC

the Dynamic Valve opens to vent that space.




Dome vented in ceiling

Vented Barrier Installed


Dynamic Barrier Installed